Music Update: memories of August 22

Have been starting to document my musical journeys, realized this has been waiting in a dusty digital folder to be released. Join me on a selection of the raw energy coming from the music I was listening to in Paris last August over the summer. From Rema’s Calm Down, the Nigerian anthem of summer 2022 in France – you literally couldn’t set foot anywhere this summer in Paris without hearing this. Through to the orchestral majesty of Brazil’s Seu Jorge’s Tive Razao, strong and melodic yet unforgiving. In passing, we meet some of the kings of North American Rap and R&B, from Drake and 2Pac to Kendrick Lamar and A$AP Rocky. Dance moves from the Jabbawockeez are mesmerizing, the soundtrack glued to it by some magic – I must have watched it 20 or 30 times. Note: I couldn’t always find “clean” versions for many of the tracks so don’t just blast this out the speakers at the office… listen at your peril 🙂