Arturia unboxing

Two weeks ago I finally made the jump and bought my first synthesizer, the Arturia Microfreak. To echo what many people have said, it is really a special piece of equipment that is geared towards sonic experimentation. Have added a few pictures of the unboxing. I read that you can literally jump in and start making music out of the box. I think it is more accurate to say that you can start making sounds out of the box, which is fine for now. Specifically steering clear of reading any manual or how-to YouTube video beyond getting it setup with power cables etc, I’ve been able to explore the polyphonic and other preloaded samples with the multiple signal tweaking options. Over this time, I’ve come to combine certain tricks. My latest favorite is the hold key plus arpeggiator with 4-key chord, which ends up like a shortcut for simplified sequencer. And if you choose a bass guitar sample with a 3-key chord and time the 4th key just right (one octave down), you end up with a chord and a beat in 4×4 time!

The purists (or just normal people who read the manual) are probably facepalming themselves round about now. Kind of like the meme where multiple people vault acrobatically over a metal gate, only for the last person to casually walk *around* it. But that’s fine. I’m just exploring what I can do with this new instrument. I am reaching the limit of sound creation though – it’s nice to do chords and distort the signal profile but we’re still not at the songmaking/writing stage.

Now need to figure out the puzzle of how to connect the Microfreak for chords/synth (still only L-output – need to buy a new cable), my Akai Mini Mk3 for the beats on MPC Beats sw, and the Traktor S4 mixer to layer in longer soundscapes/effects from old ambient CDs. I debated whether to buy the Arturia Brute, but wonder if investing in a standalone beatmachine is really needed when I can do what I need to do in the MPC Beats software. Still haven’t figured it out. Really need a live rig though, not interested in spending all my time in trying to line up samples for production. More fun to be spontaneous with a flexible live rig… Time to finally read those manuals?