An Astrophysics Masters graduate from University College London, Mandali is an award-winning British technology executive based in Tokyo, Japan. This site shares his personal views on automated driving, electronic music and aerospace engineering.

Since 2021, Mandali Khalesi is the Vice President of Automated Driving, and Head of Automated Driving Strategy and Mapping at Woven Planet Holdings, Toyota’s automated driving development subsidiary. Previously during 2018-2020, he served as Vice President Automated Driving at Woven Planet’s predecessor Toyota Research Institute Advanced Development where he helped stand up the company and launch Toyota’s first Level 2 automated vehicles in the US and Japan.

Concurrently he is a senior executive at Toyota where since 2018 he is the Global Head of Automated Driving Mobility and Innovation, and the Project General Manager of Automated Driving & Advanced Safety System Management Div. at Advanced R&D and Engineering Company within Toyota Motor Corporation.

He chaired ITS Japan’s Automated Driving Support Center working group from 2016-2017, supporting early development of automated driving mobility and experimentation to benefit local communities in the regions outside the Tokyo metropolis, and was a core member of the ITS Japan Automated Driving Research Council. He was also an observer member of the ISO TC204 working group 3 (Intelligent Transport Systems, Database Technology) from 2015 to 2017. He is a certified Financial Times Non-Executive Director, and received his diploma in London in 2013. Core areas of expertise: automated driving software and systems engineering, location-based software products and related cloud infrastructure, regional business development and product operations.