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Journey into Bakhoor incense

Last autumn during a brief stopover in Dubai, I was walking around the back alleys of the Perfume Souk and was greeted by a waft of smoke from a small shop as I turned the corner into another nondescript sidestreet. Intrigued I walked in and bought that local “Bakhoor” incense (agarwood mixed with other perfumes […]


Trying out NLP Sentiment Analysis… and Tikiman

Been trying out some examples of NLP sentiment analysis the last couple of days, ie CNN vs GRU vs bidirectional LSTM. I guess it’s not surprising but complex is not always best… I know it’s only running for 30 epochs but the dataset is the full GLUE/SST2 dataset so not too shabby. Plus not showing […]

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Short video miniseries – Season 5: what does the near future look like

As we wrap up the video miniseries, we discuss in this session what the near future looks like and how to approach that. For me immediate priorities are (1) decarbonising the economy, (2) improving our quality of life through reliable autonomy at an affordable price point. More at the link:

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Deep house sounds are back!

Been digging Jimpster‘s latest chart selection, 18 tracks off the deep end of deep house with some electro thrown in for good measure. Brought me back in a flash to the days back in London in the late 1990s when I used to visit the Notting Hill Arts Club from time to time on Sundays […]

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Short video miniseries – Season 4: changes in ways of working through Covid across cultures

As we start exiting Covid, it is worthwhile thinking back to the stresses we experienced in our workplaces with our globally distributed organizations, both culturally and psychologically. Some thoughts from my personal experience, and how it made me change the way I work with my teams. More at the link:

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Short video miniseries – Season 3: challenges with data regulation

In Season 3 of our video miniseries, we talk about data. Data is at the heart of every modern business and the automotive industry is no different. While our chat started out around data and machine learning and inference, it’s important to remember how to correctly manage data when building a global product that crosses […]


Music to drive home to – Feb 23

A no-holds-barred compilation of hip hop and rap tracks that I’ve been playing in the car the last few months on the way home from work. Hard-hitting yet melodic, note that the lyrics are not always safe for work, so double-check your surroundings before playing it loud on the office wireless speaker… Or then again, maybe not.


Music Update: memories of August 22

Have been starting to document my musical journeys, realized this has been waiting in a dusty digital folder to be released. Join me on a selection of the raw energy coming from the music I was listening to in Paris last August over the summer. From Rema’s Calm Down, the Nigerian anthem of summer 2022 […]