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Deep house sounds are back!

Been digging Jimpster‘s latest chart selection, 18 tracks off the deep end of deep house with some electro thrown in for good measure. Brought me back in a flash to the days back in London in the late 1990s when I used to visit the Notting Hill Arts Club from time to time on Sundays […]


Spaceport Lounge Mix

After finishing the recent Sky High Mix this summer, focused on housey, tribal and tropical sounds, I wanted to create something more dreamy yet intimate at the deeper end of house music. Started revisiting old moody vocal based tracks on Naked Music. Yet I didn’t just want it to be another deep house tribute mix, […]


Sky High Mix (Summer ’23 Tropical)

Just finished my latest mix, the “Sky High Mix (Summer ’23 Tropical Edit)” with a jazzy / tribal house / tropical twist. For no particular reason, was listening to my music and decided to mix this live on the plane at 10,000m, travelling to tropical Southern Japan… Just uploaded to my Soundcloud channel. Enjoy šŸ™‚


Towards Photonic TPUs for AI?

This interesting paper published last month entitled Integrated Photonic Tensor Processing Unit for Matrix Multiply sparked my interest in the area of silicon photonics. The article shares the applications of silicon photonics for improved AI performance. While the review points to a lot of research work ongoing, one of the sobering conclusions of the paper […]


Optimization with Olive and AIMET, plus tools

Over the last two weeks I’ve been researching open source tools starting with optimization – was particularly interested in revisiting the Olive announcement at Microsoft Build 2023 back in May, which promised a hardware-aware model optimization framework to any target device. While we all know about ONNX, the standard data exchange format for machine learning […]


Late Sunday night musings w DJ Krush

It’s almost 11pm and I’m collecting music for my next mix, mainly deep/tech/minimal house pieces from places new and old. But before I complete that I get sidetracked in my research with a piece by DJ Krush mixed inside a temple in Shizuoka? It’s really a masterpiece of respect and meditation in this holy place, […]

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Journey into Bakhoor incense

Last autumn during a brief stopover in Dubai, I was walking around the back alleys of the Perfume Souk and was greeted by a waft of smoke from a small shop as I turned the corner into another nondescript sidestreet. Intrigued I walked in and bought that local “Bakhoor” incense (agarwood mixed with other perfumes […]


Trying out NLP Sentiment Analysis… and Tikiman

Been trying out some examples of NLP sentiment analysis the last couple of days, ie CNN vs GRU vs bidirectional LSTM. I guess it’s not surprising but complex is not always best… I know it’s only running for 30 epochs but the dataset is the full GLUE/SST2 dataset so not too shabby. Plus not showing […]

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Short video miniseries – Season 5: what does the near future look like

As we wrap up the video miniseries, we discuss in this session what the near future looks like and how to approach that. For me immediate priorities are (1) decarbonising the economy, (2) improving our quality of life through reliable autonomy at an affordable price point. More at the link: